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Ultimizers has developed a wide range of infeed equipment to fit virtually every need.Shown below are just a few of the innovative designs developed and manufactured by Ultimizers Inc.

Our engineers and craftsmen are constantly striving to produce higher quality and better machines. Our completely assembled and pretested machines are ready to use. We design complete systems to match our customers special needs. These systems have included lumber infeeds, unstackers, singulators, lug loaders, overhead stock delivery systems, automatic feeders and, of course, sorting systems.

Fully Automatic


The Ultimizer fully automatic unstacker will remove the top layer of boards and establish a very precise, even lumber line on a set of side transfer chains, then remove the next layer, and so forth until the entire load is ‘unstacked’ – all automatically.

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Breakdown Tilt Hoist


The Ultimizer breakdown tilt hoist can lift an entire
forklift load of lumber, to slide off the top layer
for various uses.

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Lateral Transfers

The Ultimizer lateral transfer system will take one board at a time from one scanner, and side deliver boards to two or three different saws, on demand.

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"Y" Transfer

The Ultimizer “Y” transfer will take one board at a time
from one scanner, and send the boards to two
facing saws, on demand.

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The Ultimizer sorting lines are a proven, very dependable
sorting system, to deliver cut stock, fingerjoint, waste,
etc. to as many sorting locations as needed.

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