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diagramThe Ulti-Vision Scanner uses “Multiple Camera Technology with Defecting Cameras and Lasers” on each face. The defecting cameras and lasers provide information for:defects

    • Profiles, geometry, such as wane, thickness, etc.
    • Defects, such as knots, pitch, grain direction.

In addition, Ulti-Vision uses “color cameras” on the top and bottom faces to provide information for:
     • Stains, light vs. dark knots, skip, etc.
     • Splits
large saw• Detailed working image of each board.

Ulti-Vision software classifies defects according to each customers needs, and then, in the same computer, optimizes the “Best Cutting Solution”, improving Yields and Production.

One scanner can be used for one or more crosscut or docking saws. Our one-on-one “Smart Belt” system with an Ulti-Vision scanner is a fully automatic scanning and optimizing crosscut system capable of extremely high production rates, without operators, except to infeed and off-bear the wood.

sawOur “Y” transfers and side delivery systems can feed two or more saws after one scanner. These scanners can be used with customers' existing saws if needed.


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