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duo drive

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The Duo-Drive 500GB Automatic Cutoff Saw is the leader of next generation high speed saws with a patented top and bottom conveyor belt drive. It has an amazing velocity range of 0 to 1,500 fpm, it can produce 60,000 lineal capacity.

duo drive

Duo-Drive 500 saws are available as part of complete systems by Ultimizers, or individually to fit with existing equipment. Duo-Drive saws are in use today with virtually every available scanner. Ultimizers Duo-Drive docking/crosscut saws can improve your production.


Duo-Driveª500GB offers feed rates faster than previous designs.
• 1500 fpm between cuts on long parts are common.
• Ramp times to full speed are measured in milliseconds due to the unique design that grips the boards on both top and bottom.
• Cutting cycles as fast as 130 milliseconds increase production.
• Waste is removed at the blade as it is cut using high pressure air blow-off jets.

The patented top and bottom conveyor belts found exclusively on the Duo-Driveª500GB saw, provide exceptional grip that resists slippage.

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