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crayon saws

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The   301 Optimizing Saw and the Supersaw are conveyor belt thru-feed saws that can handle short parts, long parts and boards with some wane or crook. The conveyor can feed and transport finished mouldings and delicate parts without marring.




301 Optimizing Saw is a highly accurate optimizing or docking saw with accuracy as close as .016 inch! When you wish to use crayons to mark defects to be cut out, the 301 Optimizing Saw is available in space saving designs.
The saw has an "overhead" feature with down-cutting action that maintains downward pressure on the wood during each cut resulting in less tear-out and better accuracy. It is completely guarded for improved safety.

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301 Optimizing Docking Saw with 8" and 12" wide capacity

A 1000 fpm, all in one optimizing saw that can run as a stand-alone saw for crosscutting boards marked with fluorescent crayons.

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800B-100 and 1400B-100
(12" wide capacity)

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