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“Ultimizers is focusing on scanning technology for Rip and Crosscut Optimization for wood processing plants of all kinds. Our camera based scanners use vision surface scanning principles with our exclusive “Ulti-Vision” software, which is the result of twenty years involvement with scanning of wood products for optimizing saws.

I believe our scanners can improve the yield of useable wood products in most cases, increasing recovery and profits.”

                                        LeRoy E. Cothrell
Owner, Ultimizer Inc.

Ultimizers' Duo-Drive 500 Automatic Docking Saw
"The World's Fastest Optimizing Crosscut/Cutoff Saw"

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A Brief Ultimizer and Scanner History:

1972–LeRoy Cothrell formed his own company.
1977–The company acquired a machine shop.
1978–The company began manufacturing hand tools.
1979–The company began manufacturing the “Precision Crosscut
1985–The company manufactured it’s first Automatic Crosscut Saw.
1988–Ultimizers Inc. was formed, to build optimizing saws.
1990–The first “Ultimizer Scanner“ was built and displayed in
            Los Angeles.
1992–Ultimizers began selling saws with “Woodeye“ scanners.
1996–Ultimizers developed “Ulti-Vision” using ‘grain slope’
2000–Ultimizers began using color vision cameras and lasers for
2005–Ultimizers built its first wide board ‘Rip Scanner” for rip saws.
2010–Ultimizers has over 20 years development in
           scanning and sawing.

Ultimizers has continually developed and built Optimizing Saws and Scanners for the wood industry, with hundreds of installations in total.